Personal Training

Personal trainers work with clients to assist them in achieving their fitness goals, whether it is increasing musculature endurance, cardiovascular capabilities, flexibility, return from injury or athletic performance. Everyone has different goals so the benefit of using a personal trainer is that a program is developed specifically for you.

Bruce County Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center is excited to have Tiffany Krause offering personal training. Tiffany works closely with other members of our team to ensure that each training program is exactly what each client requires. Her previous background as a registered massage therapist, sport injury therapist, dance instructor and certified personal trainer allow her to approach your program with a large depth of knowledge.

There are many reasons why individuals choose personal training. Some benefits include accountability, motivation, constant monitoring of proper technique to avoid injury, personalization of your program and variety of workouts.

Tiffany is motivated and excited to help clients achieve their fitness goals. She will strive to meet your goals while creating a positive and safe environment.

If you would like to pursue personal training please give our clinic a call and we will be excited to help you on your journey to better health.