TPI Golf Assessment

We all love the game of golf and strive to keep scoring lower and lower. From taking lessons and watching endless videos on the internet for swing tips and drills we do what we can to help achieve this goal. However working on your range of motion in your body is just as important as all the hours spent on the golf range. 

The TPI Golf Assessment consists of an hour long assessment which includes a full detailed history of your playing and injury experience. Then there is a full physical screen followed up by a golf swing analysis. The results of these tests will provide a custom individualized program to help you maximize your potential on the golf course. 

Examples of why some people may come in for an assessment:

  1. They have pain and it’s impacting their golf game.
  2. They have pain due to the golf game or swing.
  3. They have swing faults that they are trying to fix but their bodies are not able to complete the proper movement either due to limited range of motion, strength deficits or motor control issues. 

How the TPI Golf Assessment can help you? 
Coming in for an assessment can help you understand your body and how it relates to the golf swing. It will give you a better understanding of how different parts of your body moves in a golf swing and what you will need to work on to help your swing become more effective, efficient and reproducible time and time again. It can also help reduce pain that you may experience with golf or help prevent pain with golfing. 

Your assessment and follow up appointments should be covered under most extended benefit plans using the physiotherapy service. 

TPI Golf Assessment